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I love books, too much. I could never read all the books I have but keep buying more if they sound good...

Currently reading

Prey: Book One: Hell's Heart (Star Trek)
John Jackson Miller
Progress: 67/383 pages
Curtains for Three
Judith Kelman, Rex Stout
Progress: 35 %
Shadow of Victory
David Weber
Progress: 176/1160 pages
The Future Chronicles - Special Edition
Angela Cavanaugh, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Hugh Howey, A.K. Meek, Susan Kaye Quinn, Deirdre Gould, Ann Christy, Nicolas Wilson, Moira Katson, Sam Best, Peter Cawdron, Patrice Fitzgerald, Vincent Trigili, Samuel Peralta, Nina Croft, David Adams Richards, Nick Webb
Progress: 164/309 pages
The Apologetics Study Bible: Understand Why You Believe
Josh McDowell, Norm Geisler, E. Ray Clendenen, Ted Cabal, Phil Johnson, Chad Owen Brand, Paul Copan, J.P. Moreland, Norman L. Geisler, Charles Colson, Ravi Zacharias, Hank Hanegraaff, Anonymous
Progress: 6 %
Off with His Head/Singing in the Shrouds/False Scent
Ngaio Marsh
Progress: 67 %