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I love books, too much. I could never read all the books I have but keep buying more if they sound good...

Excellent Short Story

The Wolves of Sahlam (Star Sailor #1) - Chris   Fox

This was really a fantastic short story. I loved the writing and the concepts in the story. I am looking forward to read more by this author!

Books I Don't Need (But Bought Anyway)

— feeling grin

Went to the independent bookstore yesterday telling myself I would only buy ONE book or two at the most (famous last words). Ended up walking away with these:


Death of an Honest Man - M. C. Beaton

Of Books and Bagpipes - Paige Shelton

Lost Books and Old Bones - Paige Shelton

The Tourist - Olen Steinhauer

Last Star Burning - Caitlin Sangster

Arcanum Unbounded - Brandon Sanderson

The Lost Property Office - James R. Hannibal

New American Standard Bible



Ebooks purchased as well yesterday:


Publishable By Death by ACF Bookens  (what an awesome pen name!!)

Vor: Island of Power by Dean Wesley Smith (it was cheap)

Faith Alone by Martin Luther


Oh well, more to add to my TBR pile. 


Anyone Having Issues?

I am just wondering if anyone is having issues with entering a finish date on a book. I have tried many times over the past two days to enter a finish date on my audiobook "The Sacketts". Everytime I enter it and save it does not show up towards my goal. When I look back at it, I see that the "Finish date" has been deleted. I have tried changing the dates (even the start date to Januay 1, 2020).


Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas?



City of Secrets by Victoria Thompson

Just wondering if someone can help me enter City of Secrets by Victoria Thompson into Booklikes. Having trouble entering it because I cannot find the required AISN!


Here it is on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46150058-city-of-secrets


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/City-Secrets-Counterfeit-Lady-Novel/dp/0451491629/ref=tmm_mmp_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=


Thanks for your help!!

I Can Read But Not Count - Snakes & Ladders #6

— feeling ashamed

On my Snakes and Ladders update #5 I rolled six but moved myself up eight. How terribly embarrassing ;)


Needless to say, I did not read a book that was "Set in Africa". So I am going back two to square 24 and just rolling one die!


Dice Roller

You rolled 1 die:


Timestamp: 2019-09-04 14:46:13 UTC


So I am moving from 24 to square 30: Read a book in which "Someone Travels By Train". 


Will update on my choice!


Club Soccer 101 not in database

Hoping for some help entering a book to Booklikes. Every time in the past I have tried to add a book I end up giving up because I can't get all the information needed and do not have the time to fiddle.


I am trying to add the book:


Club Soccer 101

Luke Dempsey



Cannot find AISN, etc.


Book is listed everywhere except Booklikes!


Any help would be appreciated!



Snakes & Ladders #5

You rolled 2 dice:

1 5


Moving from square 18 to land on square 26: Part of a series that is more than five books long. I am going to read Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. Another book that has been on my shelf for ages.

Snakes & Ladders #4

Snakes & Ladders #4


You rolled 2 dice:

1 1


Landed on square 18. Set in a school.... took awhile to find one but am going to read Mrs. Pringle by Miss Read.

Snakes & Ladders #3

The Memory of Earth - Orson Scott Card

Was on square #13 and rolled two dice and got three and so am at square #16. Read a fantasy. I've chosen The Memory of Earth by Card as it has been on my shelf for years...



Fantastic Novel...

The Disappeared - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

First in my Snakes & Ladders read... and honestly, I rolled two sixes (I'm not lying!) so I'm at space 13. Have to read a book by a male author. Either Redliners by David Drake or For Us Humans by Steve Rzasa. This is fun!

Snakes & Ladders #1

The Disappeared - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I decided to (finally) do the Snakes & Ladders book reading thing. Here is #1 (woman author).

Reading progress update: I've read 634 out of 1160 pages.

Shadow of Victory - David Weber

Some days I would rather hit myself with a brick than read this (oh wait, this book IS a brick). Why do I persevere?

Risen Novelization

Risen: The Novelization of the Major Motion Picture - Paul Aiello, Kevin Reynolds, Angela Elwell Hunt

What a great novel with such interesting personal perspectives on Jesus' resurrection from different characters. Excellent read and I so want to get the movie now...!

A Pleasant Surprise

From Garden To Grave (The Leafy Hollow Mysteries, #1) - Rickie Blair

A very well written cozy mystery. So enjoyable. Free on Kobo!

A Powerful Book

The Holiness Of God - R.C. Sproul

This is a powerful and vital book. A must read and so important for the church today. Amazing... if I could give this more stars I would!

Galactic Patrol - E.E. "Doc" Smith, John Clute
Best of the series yet, worth the read. Interesting early sci-fi.

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